Why Holyoke should vote down the Prop. 2 1/2 Debt Exclusion Tax Override:

There's a Better Way For Holyoke!

Please vote NO on Question 1 on November 5th

Video of Better for Holyoke Oct. 17, 2019 Informational Forum

  • Moderator: Richard Berrena
  • Presentation by: Kevin Jourdain
  • Panel members:
    • Pres Macy, small business owner, Applied Light
    • Linda Vacon, Ward 5 City Counclior
    • Howard Greaney, former School Committee menber, candidate for at-large City Councilor
    • Dan Bresnahan, at-large City Councilor
    • Wil Puello, Air Force veteran, serving at Barnes, candidate for at-large City Councilor
    • Dave Bartley, Attorney, Ward 3 City Councilor
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Informational Presentation by Kevin Jourdain, Part 1
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Q&A Part 1
Q&A conclusion, closing

Our thanks to Council on Aging Director Navae and Assistant Director Eileen for arrangements for the facility, and to Staff member Brian for his excellent set up of the room and all of the equipment. And thanks to all the volunteers who helped with refreshments and assistance to our attendees.